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In accordance with the Local 1075 Bylaws and the CWA Constitution, the nomination period for all Local officer positions was opened at the September General Membership Meeting. 

The incumbent officers in the positions of President, Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and VP for Monmouth County all submitted valid nomination petitions with more than the required signatures of Local 1075 members and were reelected unopposed to another three year term of office.

The VP for Ocean County, Thomas Cutrone, decided not to run again for the position. Ocean County Road Department employee Robert "Nick" Demaio submitted a valid nomination petition and was unopposed for the office.

Local 1075 welcomes Nick as a new member of the Executive Board, and thanks Tom Cutrone for his years of service on the Board.

CWA National News
Local 1075 Wins Big Arbitration Case Vs Monmouth County

In a great start to the New Year the Local 1075 scored a big win for Monmouth County workers.

The County was ordered to reverse a unilateral 50% cut in promotional increases and payback all employees who were shortchanged.

After efforts to reason with the county administration failed, the Union took the case before an Arbitrator. The arbitrator rejected all five of the County’s arguments. Instead, the Union won on the principle that a Union contract protects Union Members and an employer must honor it and bargain fairly over wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment.

For as long as anyone can remember, a promotion came with an increase to the minimum of the new position, or 6% whichever was greater. The County administration unilaterally decided to cut that in half to just 3%, even though the County Administrator received a 15% increase when promoted.

Presenting the case to the Arbitrator were President Kevin Tauro and Local 1075 Attorney Barry Isanuk, along with Chief Steward and EVP Neil Broccoli and Shop Steward Ed Fitzgerald.

If you were promoted within the past two years and did not receive a full 6% increase, or better, you are entitled to be made whole. Please contact your Steward.

 Local 1075 offers Members free legal consultaions, wills and other discounted legal assistance through the Local 1075 attorney Barry Isanuk. Read more >>>

 Clean Ocean Action has been making waves to save our shore for thirty years. Your Union has been there from the start. Read more >>>

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Kevin P. Tauro President

Neil Broccoli Executive Vice-President

Tonya Medina Recording Secretary

Thomas Fagan Treasurer

Robert Hoyer VP for Monmouth County

Robert "Nick" DeMaio VP for Ocean County


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