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Membership Legal Services

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Barry Isanuk, Esq. has been doing our labor related legal work for more than three decades, going back to IUE Local 417. Barry has handled numerous grievance arbitration cases, unfair labor charges and other work for the Local.

Barry offers Union members free consultations. As a special benefit to our Union members and their families, Barry also provides discounted services for many other legal matters. And, Barry is an expert Workers Comp attorney who uses his years of experience and understanding of the labor environment to maximize your entitlement without jeopardizing your job.

Members may call Barry Isanuk, Esq. directly at (732) 583-0303 to make an appointment. His office is located at 740 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, NJ 07747 (just off Parkway exit 117).

Members may also visit Barry's website at


A Special Benefit for Local 1075 Members and their Families

Who is Eligible? 

Members of Local 1075
Spouse of Local 1075 Member
Minor Child of Local 1075 Member


Your Share of Attorney Fee: 10% or less of recovery

All other matters handled at the reduced rate of $200.00 per hour

You may call the plan provider, Barry D. Isanuk, Esq., directly at (732) 583-0303 to make an appointment. The attorney’s office is located at 740 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, NJ 07747. Email address is You must indicate that you are a 1075 member and/or spouse of a 1075 member. Local members throughout the state are eligible for this benefit.